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Irene J Fisher

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Irene began her career with the USGS as a Volunteer for Science during the summer of 2000.  She held a student trainee position from June 2001 until she was hired as a hydrologist in August 2004.  Research interests include groundwater quality, nitrogen cycling, and coastal and estuarine systems.  Irene currently manages water-quality projects in Long Island, N.Y., with a special interest in contaminants of emerging concern. Current programs include the occurrence and persistence of wastewater-derived contaminants and current and legacy-use pesticides in groundwater. Her research interests and capabilities have led her to work with other USGS scientists on diverse project work including isotope forensics, groundwater age dating, stream-quality assessments, environmental health impacts of Hurricane Sandy, and National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) programs.

Research Interest

water quality groundwater surface water (non-marine) estuarine ecosystems contaminants of emerging concern in groundwater


  • Urban hydrology—Science capabilities of the U.S. Geological Survey, by Bell, Joseph M.; Simonson, Amy E.; Fisher, Irene J.

  • Regional variability in bed-sediment concentrations of wastewater compounds, hormones and PAHs for portions of coastal New York and New Jersey impacted by hurricane Sandy by Phillips, Patrick; Gibson, Cathy A; Fisher, Shawn C.; Fisher, Irene; Reilly, Timothy J.; Smalling, Kelly L. ; Romanok, Kristin M. ; Foreman, William T. ; ReVello, Rhiannon C.; Focazio, Michael J.; Jones, Daniel K.

  • The impact of onsite wastewater disposal systems on groundwater in areas inundated by Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey, Fisher, Irene; Phillips, Patrick; Colella, Kaitlyn; Fisher, Shawn C.; Tagliaferri, Tristen N.; Foreman, William T. ; Furlong, Edward T.

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