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James Patrick Cronin

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


James Patrick Cronin, Ecologist Wetland and Aquatic Research Center

Research Interest



  • Cronin JP, Rua MA, and Mitchell CE. 2014. Why is living fast dangerous? Disentangling the role of resistance and tolerance of disease. The American Naturalist. 184, 172-187

  • Harris MC, Pearce JM, Prosser DJ, White CL, Miles AK, Sleeman JM, Brand CJ, Cronin JP, De La Cruz S, Densmore CL, Doyle TW, Dusek RJ, Fleskes JP, Flint PL, Guala GF, Hall JS, Hubbard LE, Hunt RJ, Ip HS, Katz RA, Laurent KW, Miller MP, Munn MD

  • Welsh ME, Cronin  JP, and Mitchell CE. 2016. The role of habitat filtering in the leaf economics spectrum and plant susceptibility to pathogen infection. Journal of Ecology 104, 1768–1777

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