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Jamey Jones

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Jamey Jones,Research Geologist Alaska Science Center

Research Interest

folding (geologic) fracture (geologic) geochemistry tectonic processes deformation (geologic)


  • Jones, J.V. III, Daniel, C.G., and Doe, M.F., 2015, Tectonic and sedimentary linkages between the Belt-Purcell basin and southwestern Laurentia during the Mesoproterozoic, ca. 1.60–1.40 Ga: Lithosphere

  • Jones, J.V., III, Karl, S.M., Labay, K.A., Shew, N.B., Granitto, M., Hayes, T.S., Mauk, J.L., Schmidt, J.M., Todd, E., Wang, B., Werdon, M.B., and Yager, D.B., 2015, GIS-based identification of areas with mineral resource potential for six selected deposit groups, Bureau of Land Management Central Yukon Planning Area, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2015–1021, 78 p., 5 appendixes, 12 plates

  • Jones, J.V. III, Piatak, N., and Bedinger, G., in press, Zirconium and Hafnium: Economic and environmental geology, and prospects for future study, in Schulz, K.J., Bradley, D.C., DeYoung, J.H. Jr., and Seal, R.R. II, eds., Critical Mineral Resources of the United States–––Economic and Environmental Geology and Prospects for Future Supply: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1802

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