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Jana S Stewart

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Jana Stewart is a Geographer with the US Geological Survey, Wisconsin Water Science Center. She has an M.S. in Environmental Monitoring and Remote Sensing from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, an M.S. in Agricultural Journalism from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and a B.S. in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Over the years, she has worked on a variety of projects for the National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program including the Western Lake Michigan and Upper Illinois River Basin NAWQAs, Data Synthesis team, and BioData User Group. She has also served as the National NAWQA Archival Coordinator. She has been Principal Investigator for regional modeling and decision support projects that integrate scientific data and empirical models with geographic information systems (GIS) and web-based technologies in the Great Lakes and Northeast US regions including the NorEaST Stream Temperature Web Portal, 2) FishVis Decision Support Mapper, and 3) Great Lakes Aquatic Gap project. Jana is an avid outdooor enthusiast and loves gardening, and kayaking, skiing, and cycling with friends across the country.

Research Interest

aquatic ecosystems biodiversity freshwater ecosystems habitats data communication


  • SPARROW nutrient modeling: Great Lakes, Ohio, Upper Mississippi, Red River Basins (MRB3)

  • SPARROW nutrient modeling: Binational (US/Canada) models

  • SPARROW nutrient modeling: Estimation of nutrient and sediment transport

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