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Jessica Murray

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Jessica Murray,Research Geophysicist in the Earthquake Science Center, served as the Task Leader for GPS data collection and analysis and as the Project Chief for Crustal Deformation.Currently serve as the Geodesy topical coordinator for the Earthquake Hazards Program

Research Interest

earthquakes earthquake occurrences


  • Murray, J. R., 2015, GPS: Applications in fault-related deformation monitoring. In Meyers, Robert (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, Springer New York, in press.

  • Floyd, M. A., R. J. Walters, J. R. Elliott, G. J. Funning, J. L. Svarc, J. R. Murray, A. J. Hooper, Y. Larsen, P. Marinkovic, R. B├╝rgmann, I. A. Johanson, and T. J. Wright, Spatial variations in fault friction controlled by lithology, in review.

  • Brooks, B. A., S. E. Minson, C. L. Glennie, J. R. Murray, K. Hudnut, T. L. Ericksen, V. Langenheim, D. Lockner, T. Dawson, A. Lutz, D. Schwartz, J. Lienkaemper, D. Zaccone, Harvesting the shallow slip history of the South Napa earthquake from laser scans of vine rows, in review.

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