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John Matzko

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


John Matzko,Geologist Northeast Region

Research Interest



  • Matzko, R., 1992, Geology of the Chinese nuclear test site near Lop Nor, Xinjiang Province, China, in: Lewkowicz, J. F., and McPhetres, J. M., eds., Proceedings of the 14th Annual PL/DARPA Seismic Research Symposium, 16-18 September 1992: 17 August 1992, PL-TR-92-2210, Environmental Research Papers, No. 1106, 3 figures, 2 tables, p. 297-303.

  • Clark, J. W., McDowell, R. C., Matzko, J. R., et. al., 1986, The Kola superdeep drill hole by Ye. A. Kozlovskiy (1984), A detailed summary; U.S.G.S. Open-File Report 86-517, 249 p.v

  • Matzko, J. R., 1979, Geologic interpretation of Landsat and RB-57 imagery of the Hot Springs area, Black Hills, South Dakota, Master’s Thesis, University of Iowa, 88 p.

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