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Kelly Smalling

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Kelly Smalling,Research Hydrologist ( RGE) US Geological Survey

Research Interest

Pesticides Endocrine disrupting chemicals amphibians fish


  • Amphibians, pesticides, and the amphibian chytrid fungus in restored wetlands in agricultural landscapes,Reeves, Rebecca A.; Pierce, Clay; Vandever, Mark; Muths, Erin L.; Smalling, Kelly

  • Widespread legacy brine contamination from oil production reduces survival of chorus frog larvae,Hossack, Blake R.; Puglis, Holly J.; Battaglin, William A.; Anderson, Chauncey; Honeycutt, Richard; Smalling, Kelly

  • Placement of intracoelomic radio transmitters and silicone passive sampling devices in northern leopard frogs (Lithobates pipiens),Yaw, Taylor; Swanson, Jennifer E; Pierce, Clay; Muths, Erin L.; Smalling, Kelly; Vandever, Mark; Zaffarano, Bianca Anne

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