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Lucy Edwards

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Lucy Edwards,Research Geologist Northeast RegionB.A. (Honors College), 1972, Geology, University of Oregon Ph. D., 1977, Geological Sciences, University of California, Riverside

Research Interest

biostratigraphy fossils geologic history lithostratigraphy sedimentary rocks


  • Weems, R.E., Albright, L.B., Bybell, L.M., Cicimurri, D.J., Edwards, L.E., Harris, W.B., Lewis, W.C., Osborne, J.E., Sanders, A.E., and Self-Trail., J.M., 2016, Stratigraphic revision of the Cooper Group and the Chandler Bridge and Edisto Formations in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina: Southeastern Geology, v. 49, p. 1-24.

  • Godfrey, S. J., Uhen, M.D., Osborne, J.E., and Edwards, L.E., 2016, A new specimen of Agorophius pygmaeus (Agorophiidae, Odontoceti, Cetacea) from the Early Oligocene Ashley Formation of South Carolina, U.S.A.: Journal of Paleontology, v. 90, no. 1, p. 154-169.

  • Powars, D.S. Johnson, G.H., Edwards, L.E., and Berquist, C.R., 2016, Geology of the Virginia Coastal Plain: Continuous cores and geophysical surveys bring a quantum leap to our understanding, in Bailey, C., Sherwood, W.C., Eaton, Scott, and Powars, D.S., eds., The Geology of Virginia: Martinsburg, Virginia Museum of Natural History Special Publication 18, p. 193-240.

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