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Luke R Iwanowicz

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Luke R Iwanowicz,Research Biologist LSC Fish Health Laboratory

Research Interest

Aquatic Animal Health Ecotoxicology Virology Immunology Molecular Diagnostics


  • Hubbard, L. E., D.W. Kolpin, C.L. Fields, M.L. Hladik, L.R. Iwanowicz, S.K. Spencer (2017). Highlighting the complexities of a groundwater pilot study during an avian influenza outbreak: methods, lessons learned, and select contaminant results. Environmental Research. 158: 212-224.

  • Iwanowicz, L.R., D.D. Iwanowicz, C.R. Adams, H. Galbraith, A. Aunins and R.S. Cornman (2017) Draft Genome of a Picorna-Like Virus Associated with Gill Tissue in Clinically Normal Brook Trout, Salvelinus fontinalis. Genome Announcements. 5: e01022-17

  • Densmore, C.L., D.D. Iwanowicz, C.A. Ottinger, L.J. Hindman, A.M. Bessler, L.R. Iwanowicz, D. J. Prosser, M. Whitbeck, and C.P. Driscoll (2017) Molecular detection of the avian influenza virus from sediment samples in waterfowl habitats on the Delmarva Peninsula, USA. Avian Diseases. In press

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