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Martin Stapanian

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Martin Stapanian,Research Ecologist Great Lakes Science Center

Research Interest

aquatic ecosystems biodiversity ecological processes ecosystems environmental assessment


  • Number of genera as a potential screening tool for assessing quality of bryophyte communities in Ohio wetlands,Schumacher, William; Stapanian, Martin A.; Andreas, Barbara; Gara, Brian

  • Sex differences in contaminant concentrations of fish: a synthesis,Madenjian, Charles P.; Rediske, Richard R.; Krabbenhoft, David P.; Stapanian, Martin A.; Chernyak, Sergei M.; O'Keefe, James P.

  • Sex difference in PCB concentrations of a catostomid fish Unraveling the complexities associated with the relative differences in contamina,Madenjian, Charles P.; Stevens, Andrew L.; Stapanian, Martin A.; Batterman, Stuart A.; Chernyak, Sergei M.; Menczer, Jordan E.; McIntyre, Peter B.

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