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Matt Haney

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Matt Haney,Research Geophysicist Alaska Volcano Observatory

Research Interest

volcanic activity volcanic eruption prediction


  • 49. Masterlark, T., Donovan, T., Feigl, K. L., Haney, M., Thurber, C. H., and Tung, S., 2016, Volcano deformation source parameters estimated from InSAR: Sensitivities to uncertainties in seismic tomography: Journal of Geophysical Research,

  • 0. Fee, D., Haney, M. M., Matoza, R. S., Van Eaton, A. R., Cervelli, P. Schneider, D. J., and Iezzi, A. M., 2017, Volcanic tremor and plume height hysteresis from Pavlof Volcano, Alaska: Science, 355(6320), 45-48

  • 51. Haney, M. M. and Tsai, V. C., 2017, Perturbational and nonperturbational inversion of Rayleigh-wave velocities: Geophysics, 82(3), F15-F28,

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