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Matthew Landon

Supervisory Hydrologist
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Matthew Landon,Supervisory Hydrologist PACIFIC REGION

Research Interest

Water Resources


  • Kent, R.H, and Landon, M.K., 2013, Trends in concentrations of nitrate and total dissolved solids in public supply wells of the Bunker Hill and Rialto-Colton groundwater subbasins, San Bernadino County, California: Influence of legacy land use, Science of the Total Environment,

  • Landon, M.K., Burton, C.A., Davis, T.A., Johnson, T.D., and Belitz, K., 2013, Statistical evaluation of variables affecting occurrence of hydrocarbons in aquifers used for public supply, California, Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 50(1), 179-195. DOI:

  • Green, C.T., Zhang, Y., Jurgens, B.C., Starn, J.J., and Landon, M.K., 2014, Accuracy of travel time distribution (TTD) models as affected by TTD complexity, observation errors, and model and tracer selection, Water Resources Research

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