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Michael Osland

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Michael Osland,Research Ecologist Wetland and Aquatic Research Center

Research Interest



  • Rivera-Monroy, VH, MJ Osland, JW Day, S Ray, AS Rovai, RH Day, and J Mukherjee. 2017. Advancing mangrove macroecology. Pages 347-381 in VH Rivera-Monroy, SY Lee, E Kristensen, and RR Twilley, editors. Mangrove ecosystems: a global biogeographic perspective. Springer, New York, New York, USA.

  • Osland, MJ, KT Griffith, JC Larriviere, LC Feher, DR Cahoon, NM Enwright, DA Oster, JM Tirpak, MS Woodrey, R Collini, JJ Baustian, JL Breithaupt, JA Cherry, JR Conrad, N Cormier, CA Coronado-Molina, JF Donoghue, SA Graham, JW Harper, MW Hester, RJ Howard, KW Krauss, DE Kroes, RR Lane, KL McKee, IA Mendelsshon, BA Middleton, JA Moon, SC Piazza, NM Rankin, FH Sklar, GD Steyer, KM Swanson, CM Swarzenski, WC Vervaeke, JM Willis, and KV Wilson. 2017. Assessing coastal wetland vulnerability to sea-level rise along the northern Gulf of Mexico coast: gaps and opportunities for developing a coordinated regional sampling network, PLOS ONE, 12, article e0183431.

  • Feher LC, Osland MJ, Griffith KT, JB Grace, RJ Howard, CL Stagg, NM Enwright, KW Krauss, CA Gabler, RH Day, and K Rogers. 2017. Linear and nonlinear effects of temperaturer and precipitation on ecosystem properties in tidal saline wetlands. Ecosphere, 8, article e01956.

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