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Michelle Hornberger

Physical Science
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Michelle Hornberger,Physical Scientist National Research Program

Research Interest

contamination and pollution toxic trace element contamination aquatic ecosystems benthic ecosystems


  • Hornberger, M.I., Luoma, S.N., van Geen, A., Fuller, C., and Anima, R. 1999. Historical trends of metals in the sediments of San Francisco Bay, California. Marine Chemistry, 64:39-55.

  • Hornberger, M.I., Luoma, S.N., Cain, D.J., Parchaso, F., Brown, C.L., Bouse, R.M., Wellise, C., and Thompson, J. 2000. Linkage of bioaccumulation and biological effects to changes in pollutant loads in South San Francisco Bay. Environmental Science and Technology,34:2401-2409.

  • Hornberger, M.I., Luoma, S.N., Johnson, M.L., and Holyoak, M. 2009. Influence of remediation in a mine-impacted river: metal trends over large spatial and temporal scales. Ecological Applications, 19:1522-1535.

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