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Nathan J Wood

Western Geographic Science Center
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Nate Wood is a research geographer with the USGS Western Geographic Science Center and is co-located at the USGS Oregon Water Science Center in Portland, Oregon. He has conducted research and written extensively on community vulnerability to natural hazards, such as tsunami threats to Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii and Alaska; volcanic lahars from Mount Rainier (Washington); and coastal hazards in Florida and the Pacific Northwest. He is on the editorial boards for the Natural Hazards Review and the Journal of Applied Volcanology. He was on a U.S. National Research Council committee to review the U.S. tsunami warning system and the nation's preparedness efforts.

Research Interest

geospatial analysis spatial analysis earthquake preparedness hazards lahars


  • Apatu, E., Gregg, E., Wood, N., and Wang, L., 2016, Household characteristics as evacuation impediments and facilitators in American Samoa during the 2009 Samoa Islands Tsunami, Disasters, 20 p

  • Priest, G., Stimely, L., Wood, N., Madin, I., Watzig, R, 2016, Beat-the-wave evacuation mapping for tsunami hazards in Seaside, Oregon, USA, Natural Hazards, 80 (2): 1031-1056

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