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Nathan Stephenson

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Earth’s vast forests provide human communities with irreplaceable goods and services such as carbon sequestration, hydrologic regulation, clean water, biodiversity, critical wildlife habitat, wood products, and recreational and spiritual opportunities. An overarching goal of Dr. Nathan Stephenson's research is to improve scientists' and land managers' ability to understand, forecast, and adapt to the effects of ongoing global changes – particularly changing climatic and disturbance regimes – on forests. Accordingly, most of his research falls in three broad, complementary themes: (1) improving mechanistic understanding of forest and carbon dynamics, (2) detection, attribution, and interpretation of forest changes, and (3) adaptations to rapid global changes. The last theme extends well beyond forests, to natural areas in general.

Research Interest

Forest ecology Global change biology Climate change Fire ecology Natural areas management Adaptation


  • Detection, Attribution, and Interpretation of Forest Changes

  • Improving Understanding of Forest and Carbon Dynamics

  • Adaptations to Rapid Change

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