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Owen Gorman

Fish Biology
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


The Lake Superior Biological Station in Ashland, Wisconsin has served as my duty station since entering the Great Lakes Science Center’s deepwater program in 1999. My early initiatives focused on building the Lake Superior research program around the capabilities of a new research vessel, the R/V Kiyi, the largest of its kind on the Great Lakes. My diverse research interests are reflected in my training and long career experience. Current research topics include community ecology, population dynamics, biogeography, physiology, and life history of fishes of the Great Lakes region. Much of my research reflects a strong evolutionary perspective.

Research Interest

benthic ecosystems aquatic ecosystems biodiversity biogeography ecological competition


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  • Toth, L. A., D. R. Dudley, J. R. Karr and O. T. Gorman. 1982. Natural and man induced variability in a silverjaw minnow (Ericymba buccata) population. American Midland Naturalist 107:284-293

  • Gorman, O., Kallemeyn, L., and Maki, R. 2014. Biogeographic Patterns of Inland Lake Fish Communities at Isle Royale, Voyageurs, and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park Units. Natural Resource Technical Report NPS/GLKN/NRTR—2014/893. National Park Service, Fort Collins, Colorado. 183 p

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