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Richard B Winston

Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


I develop and document new software utilities to facilitate simulation of groundwater systems, using a variety of documented models, and provide support for users inside and outside the USGS. The programs I have written or helped write include ModelMuse, ListingAnalyst, MODFLOW GUI, SutraGUI, GW_Chart, and Model Viewer.

Research Interest

groundwater flow hydrology groundwater


  • Winston, R.B., and Ayotte, J.D., 2015, Simulations of a novel well design for reducing the risk of arsenic contamination (abstract). Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2015, Baltimore, MD, November 1-4, 2015.

  • Winston, R.B., 2015, ModelMuse as a Graphical User Interface for SUTRA in Maxwell, R., Hill, M., Zheng, C., and Tonkin, M. Editors, MODFLOW and More 2015: Modeling a Complex World, Proceedings: Golden Colorado, p. 330-333.

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