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Richard Yager

New York Water Science Center
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Richard Yager is a Research Hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Ithaca New York. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Cornell University in Environmental Engineering (1973) and Agricultural Engineering (1980), respectively. He has been employed with the U.S. Geological Survey for 30 years, conducting hydrogeologic studies and developing simulation models of groundwater flow and transport.

Research Interest



  • Yager, R.M., Kappel, W.M., and Plummer, L.N., 2007, Origin of halite brine in the Onondaga Trough near Syracuse, New York State, USA: modeling geochemistry and variable-density flow, Hydrogeology Journal, v. 15, no. 7, p. 1321-1339

  • Yager, R.M., Voss, C.I., Southworth, Scott, 2009, Comparison of alternative representations of hydraulic-conductivity anisotropy in folded fractured-sedimentary rock: Modeling groundwater flow in the Shenandoah Valley (USA) , Hydrogeology Journal, v. 17, no. 5, p.1111-1131

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