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Sarah Minson

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Sarah Minson,Research Geophysicist USGS Earthquake Science Center

Research Interest

Kinematic rupture models Earthquake early warning Bayesian analysis Earthquake source mechanisms Crustal deformation


  • Minson, S. E., S. Wu, J. L. Beck, T. H. Heaton (2017), Combining multiple earthquake models in real time for earthquake early warning, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Amer.

  • Brooks, B. A., S. E. Minson, C. L. Glennie, J. M. Nevitt, T. Dawson, R. Rubin, T. L. Ericksen, D. Lockner, K. Hudnut, V. Langenheim, A. Lutz, M. Mareschal, J. Murray, D. Schwartz and D. Zaccone (2017), Buried shallow fault slip from the South Napa earthquake revealed by near-field geodesy

  • Lapotre, M. G. A., B. L. Ehlmann, S. E. Minson, R. E. Arvidson, F. Ayoub, A. A. Fraeman, R. C. Ewing, and N. T. Bridges (2017), Compositional Variations in Sands of the Bagnold Dunes, Gale Crater, Mars, from Visible-Shortwave Infrared Spectroscopy and Comparison with Ground Truth from the Curiosity Rover, J. Geophys. Res. Planets,

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