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Scott A Minor

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Scott A Minor,Research Geologist Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center

Research Interest

Geologic framework and fault kinematic and paleostress histories of strain transfer and accommodation zones of the middle and northern Rio Grande rift, New Mexico and Colorado Fault-related fluid flow within poorly consolidated sediments Geologic mapping and geologic framework characterization Structural geology, especially brittle faulting


  • Geologic map of the High Steens and Little Blitzen Gorge Wilderness Study Areas, Harney County, Oregon

  • Mineral resources of the Disaster Peak Wilderness Study Area, Harney and Malheur Counties, Oregon, and Humboldt County, Nevada Minor, Scott A.; Turner, R.L.; Plouff, Donald; Leszcykowski, A.M.

  • Preliminary geologic map of the Pahute Mesa 30'x 60' Quadrangle, Nevada Minor, S.A.; Sawyer, D.A.; Wahl, R.R.; Frizzell, V.A.; Schilling, S.P.; Warren, R.G.; Orkild, P.P.; Coe, J.A.; Hudson, M.R.; Fleck, R.J.; Lanphere, M.A.; Swadley, W.C.; Cole, J.C.

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