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Steven Hostetler

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Steven Hostetler,Hydrologist Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

Research Interest

glaciation hydrology water cycle


  • Hostetler, S. W. (1991). Simulation of lake ice and its effect on the late‑Pleistocene evaporation rate of Lake Lahontan. Climate Dynamics 6:43-48.

  • Hostetler, S. W. and L. V. Benson (1990). Paleoclimatic implications of the high stand of Lake Lahontan derived from models of evaporation and lake level. Climate Dynamics4:207‑217.

  • Hostetler, S. W. and P.J. Bartlein (1990). Modeling climatically determined lake evaporation with application to simulating lake‑level variations of Harney‑Malheur Lake, Oregon. Water Resources Research 26(10):2603-2612.

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