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Thomas Cuffney

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Thomas Cuffney, Research Ecologist South Atlantic Water Science Center

Research Interest

aquatic ecosystems benthic ecosystems biodiversity biogeography ecological processes


  • Cuffney, T.F., Kashuba, R., Qian, S.S, Alameddine, I., Cha, Y., Lee, B. Coles, J.C., and McMahon, G. 2011. Multilevel regression models describing regional patterns of invertebrate and algal responses to urbanization across the USA. J. N. American Benth. Soc. 30

  • Cuffney, Thomas F.; Brightbill, Robin A., 2011. User's manual for the National Water-Quality Assessment Program Invertebrate Data Analysis System (IDAS) software, version 5. U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods 7-C4, xv, 113 p

  • Waite IR, Kennen JG, May JT, Brown LR, Cuffney TF, Jones KA, Orlando JL. 2012. Comparison of stream invertebrate response models for bioassessment metrics. J Am Water Resour Assoc . 13 FEB 2012

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