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Timothy Wilson

Northeast Region
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


I obtained a Ph.D. in aqueous and sedimentary low-temperature geochemistry from Michgan State University in 1989. My dissertation was on the geochemistry and evolution of Michigan Basin brines. I have considerable experience with groundwater and surface water geochemistry of major ion and trace metal including numerical modeling of speciation and transport, and analytic methods. I have been with the USGS since 1994 and have been involved with projects that include bio-remediation and air-sparging of chlorinated hydrocarbons in groundwater; evaluating loads of dioxins, PCB, pesticides and other organic and inorganic compounds in the tributaries to Newark and Raritan Bays; mercury and arsenic in soils, rivers, and lakes; , pesticides in human wastes and waste water treatment effluent; and most recently, nutrient and sediment fluxes in Barnegat Bay, NJ.

Research Interest

groundwater quality industrial pollution pesticide and herbicide contamination pharmaceutical contamination surface water quality


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  • Long, D.T., Rezabek D.H., Takacs, M.J. and Wilson, T.P., 1986, Geochemistry of ground waters, Bay County Michigan: Michigan Dept. Public Health and Michigan Dept. Natural Resources Rept. MDPH:ORD 38553, 268 p.

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