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V. J. Grauch

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


V. J. Grauch,Research Geophysicist, She has been employed by the U. S. Geological Survey in Denver, Colorado since , where she is currently a senior research geophysicist.

Research Interest

 Integration of geologic and geophysical data to develop  geologic and hydrogeologic frameworks, the relation between magnetic sources and geology, interpretation of aeromagnetic data over rugged magnetic terrain, and development of new interpretation methods.


  • Hudson, M.R. and Grauch, V.J.S., editors, 2013, New Perspectives on Basins of the Rio Grande Rift: From Tectonics to Groundwater: Geological Society of America Special Paper 494, 500 p

  • Grauch, V.J.S., and Ruleman, C.A., 2013, Identifying buried segments of active faults in the northern Rio Grande rift using aeromagnetic, LiDAR, and gravity data, south-central Colorado, USA: International Journal of Geophysics, v. 2013, Article ID 804216, 26 pages

  • Grauch, V.J.S., Bedrosian, Paul A., and Drenth, Benjamin J., 2013, Advancements in understanding the aeromagnetic expressions of basin-margin faults—An example from San Luis Basin, Colorado: The Leading Edge

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