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Jeanine Guidry

Assistant Professor
Public Relations 
Virginia Commonwealth University
United States Virgin Islands


Dr. Jeanine Guidry is an assistant professor at the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture, an affiliate graduate researcher at the Media+Health Initiative, and a member of the Institute for Women’s Health (IWH) Sexual and Domestic Violence Research Development Group.

Research Interest

use of visual social media and mobile technology in health, risk, and crisis communication and message design, and her dissertation research studied effective message design development for the future Zika vaccine.


  • "Moving social marketing beyond personal change to social change: Strategically using Twitter to mobilize supporters into vocal advocates J PD Guidry, R D. Waters, G D. Saxton Journal of Social Marketing 4 (3), 240-260"

  • "From# mcdonaldsfail to# dominossucks: An analysis of Instagram images about the 10 largest fast food companies JD Guidry, M Messner, Y Jin, V Medina-Messner Corporate Communications: An International Journal 20 (3), 344-359"

  • "On pins and needles: how vaccines are portrayed on Pinterest JPD Guidry, K Carlyle, M Messner, Y Jin Vaccine 33 (39), 5051-5056"

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