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Nanda Rangan

Associate Professor
Finance Insurance and Real Estate
Virginia Common wealth University


PhD, Texas A&M Univ College Sta*, 1986.

Research Interest



  • Gupta, M., Prakash, P., Rangan, N. K. (2013). Equity issue-specific versus broad regulatory protections against expropriation risk: International evidence from SEOs. (vol. 35, pp.146-166). Journal of International Money and Finance.

  • Gupta, M., Prakash, P., Rangan, N. K., (in press). Determinants of underwriting spreads internationally: Evidence from SEOs . Journal of Multinational Financial Management .

  • Rangan, N. K., Liu, M. (in press). Do Chinese Retail Option Traders Know Anything about Market Volatility?. Frontiers of Business Research in China,.

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