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Laura M. Barden-gabbei

Science learning, educational technology
western illinois university


 Ph.D. - Maryland Park College, 1991

Research Interest

 Student Learning in Science, Cognition, Conceptual Change, Discourse Processes, Science Learning Processes/Strategies, Teacher Assessment.


  • Barden-Gabbei, L. M., & Moffitt, D. L. (2006). Developing Inquiry-Based Labs Using Micro-Column Chromatography. The American Biology Teacher, 68(4), 233-237.

  • Barden-Gabbei, L. M. (2006). Demonstrating biological principles efficiently & effectively: The overhead is more than just a lighted chalkboard. The American Biology Teacher, 68(6), 357-361.

  • Barden-Gabbei, Laura M., and Richard V. Anderson. 2008. Biological World: A Laboratory Manual for Biology 101. 2nd edition. Eden Prairie, MN: Cache House, Inc.

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