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For over 40 years, our company has been producing bakelite powder for compression and injection in black and different colours. Besides the bakelite powder production , our company has been producing and selling the phenol formaldhyde resin which is the raw material of the bakalite as well.Our range products consist of phenolic resin, bakelite powder for compression and injection , in black , dark blue , darkbrown, green and red, flower froth and isolation froth. Hexamethylene tetramine, stearic acid, oxalic acid and calcium anol zinc steatrat are among the raw materials which we also sell in the local market and abroad. We are able to sell all these products in injection and compression types. In addition to these we can supply different kinds of chemicals upon request thanks to our strong relationships with the leading manufacturers in Turkey.

Research Interest

Bakelite,Resin, Phenolic Molding Compounds, Urea Molding,Melamine Molding Compounds, Hexa Compunds,Stabilized Hexamine,Unstabilized Hexamine, Nigrosine Solvent

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