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Philip Bernstein

Executive Director
Planning & Communications
Benaroya Research?Institute at Virginia Maso


  Dr. Bernstein trained as a cell biologist at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research in Madison, Wisconsin and with Dr. Günter Blobel at the Rockefeller University in New York City. Dr. Bernstein left the bench to work as an editor for Nature Biotechnology, The Journal of Experimental Medicine and at the Public Library of Science where he helped launch PLoS Biology. He subsequently returned to the laboratory as the Head of Scientific Affairs and International Relations at Insitut Pasteur-Korea.   Dr. Bernstein joined the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) in 2008 as the Executive Director of Strategic Review and Planning. In this capacity, he manages the peer-review of new proposals and arranges and coordinates strategic assessment groups to analyze specific areas within the ITN’s portfolio.

Research Interest

He is focused on the development of novel therapeutic approaches that lead to immune tolerance

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