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Polimet has been established in 1992 by 3 professionals and is one of the largest and oldest copper sulphate manufacturer and fertilizer company in Turkey, located in Istanbul. Polimet have been the leader in copper sulphate market and leading position in fertilizer business in Turkey. In the begining the company was able to produce 1200 ton /year now it is able to produce 16.000 ton / year .Present time Polimet is able to respond all the Turkish and the world in agricultre copper sulfate demand. Polimet foundation in Tuzla Istanbul is established according to the European Standarts and carry of ISO 9001 quality award. Customer satisfaction and quality is the most important assets for our ***** entrepreneurship has been a great model for other Turkish companies. For this reason we are proud and ***** helping the Turkish agriculture to develop we have accelerated our research and development (R&D)policy and cooperated with important foreign companies. Polimet product range is devoloped according to the research and development (R&D)policy to obtain a high quality We as polimet kimya affirm that our product quality and honesty in the Turkish and world market will always be permanent. Copper Sulphate (CuSO4 . 5H2O) Technical Grade Origin: Turkey /Istanbul-Tuzla Agriculture (soil additive, pesticides, Bordeaux mixture), feed additive, germicides, textile mordant, leather industry, pigments, electric batteries, electroplated coatings, copper salts, reagent in analytical chemistry, medicine, wood preservative, preservation of pulp wood and ground pulp, process engraving and lithography, ore flotation, petroleum industry, synthetic rubber, steel manufacture, treatment of natural asphalts. The anhydrous salt is used as a dehydrating agent.

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Copper Sulphate,Humic-A, Bordeux Mixture,K-humate, Seeweed,Leonardite

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