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Being a company with its head office in Istanbul, right in the middle of Europe and Asia, Reanimed Ltd. has established its manufacturing facilities based on international Know-How and realises with great success the design, assembly, production, sales, installations and after sale services for the subjects listed below. 1- Various types of patient bed-head trunking systems, intensive care units and reanimation units, 2-Standard equipment for operating theatres, turn-key operating theatres, 3-Centralised medical gas plants including oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air, vacuum and anaesthetic gas scavenging systems, 4-Ambulances and mobile healthcare units, pre-hospital emergency patient handling equipment.  

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Galena imports, distributes, supplies and manufactures many types of Medical Disposables and Devices. The company is located in Istanbul Turkiye and has business agents in every cities of Turkiye and neighboring countries. We have very strong links with all healthcare companies, hospitals, wholesellers.

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