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We supply products to coiffeurs from internet over 17. 000 different goods. Only supply goods in Turkish teratory. We are ready to supply some of the goods abroad which are produced in Turkey. at began as a small artisan company 3 years ago has developed in a variety of different styles that has deeply contributed to satisfy the growing needs and to create the newest trends in the world of hairdressing industry. Cosmoplex is, nowadays, the most complete Company on the hairdressing furniture and equipment market, able to supply an unrivalled offer in quality, differentiation and completeness. The hairdressers are the centre of Our world, their desires Ours, their satisfaction Our goal. We do not like to arrogate a title to Ourselves, we refrain from talking about the competitors: IT IS THE REALITY OF THE INDUSTRY THAT CALLS US LEADERS. If we look back when all this started, at the small company that we were, we can't be but amazed; but even at that time we felt that there were no boundaries for Our efforts. We are even more sure of that today.  

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Cosmetics,Healthcare,Accesories,Furniture,Hair Color,Hair Dryers,Coiffeur Equipments,Coiffeur Saloon Equipments-Furnitures, MAKE UP,Razors & Shaving Products, Skin Care,Hair,

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