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Largely viewed as commodity businesses and facing the additional risk of limited growth and value creation potential, consumer goods providers must embrace several attributes that are critical to business performance. In fact, companies exhibiting these attributes over recent years have been able to outperform their peers. Marketing Return on Investment MAIBO Group helps companies in the consumer goods and services industry transform their businesses to attain high performance, increasing shareholder returns and ensuring long-term success. Choosing the right methodology and tools to analyze where to invest marketing funds is a major issue for consumer goods and services companies. MAIBO Group can help companies effectively redistribute their marketing investments to realize their vision of sustainable future profit growth. We offer a unique capability, comprising two key methodologies and incorporating highly innovative proprietary software, which can be used to determine a company's marketing return on investment (ROI). Then the MAIBO Group Strategic Marketing Mix Analysis methodology employs econometric modeling to quantify the contribution to sales of each element of clients' marketing program. By comparing the results with those of competitors, our clients have all the information they need to make the necessary changes in their marketing investments so as to achieve high performance. The objectivity of our analysis-we have no vested interest-is just one reason so many leading companies in several industrial categories have chosen to work with us. They recognize the breadth and depth of our global resources, our unparalleled industry experience and our extensive network of strategic alliances, which provides access to leading-edge tools and technologies. They also know that these qualities underpin a commitment to partnership for the long term. Customer Satisfaction in the Changing Global Economy In a world where feature and price advantages can be quickly matched if not bettered, a company's one remaining source of sustainable competitive advantage may be the quality of the customer experience it delivers. MAIBO Group's ongoing research on High Performance Business has shown that the ability to deliver a consistent, differentiated customer experience has a greater impact on customer loyalty than any other factor related to managing customer relationships. MAIBO Group's third annual Global Customer Satisfaction Survey shines an even brighter light on the relationship between the customer experience and business performance. This research finds that, around the world, consumers now have higher expectations regarding service quality. It confirms that consumers are now more likely to switch providers due to poor service quality than for any other reason. It also reveals that service quality has become customers' foremost consideration-more influential than price-when choosing to do more business with current providers or choosing new ones. Our survey-which sampled more than 35 consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China and France-also found that while consumers everywhere value customer service, the factors that determine whether they find a service experience satisfying or frustrating vary significantly by country-a fact with profound implications for companies seeking to drive growth by expanding into new geographies.

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