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We export our products to more than 35 countries and successfully lead our business operations while representing our brand BAYRAMIX. In our assortment: - SAFTAS MINERAL: Decorative coating which is manufactured by mixing natural granit marble granules with natural resins and is used for application on interior and exterior fronts of buildings. - BAYRAMIX MINERAL: Decorative coating manufactured by mixing ceramized granit marble granules with coloured resins. - GOLD MINERAL: Decorative coating manufactured  by mixing granit marble granules with the tints of metal. These materials have no analogues. Very strong to severe weather conditions, their colours do not peel off. - BAYTEX PUTTY: Water-based filling material which is used in interior and exterior wall correction and filling of cracks. -ACRYLIC PRIMER: Prime coating. - SYNTHETIC PRIMER: Prime coating based on synthetic composites - BAYFIX. Transparent paint with water insulating properties. It can only be used on surfaces which are sunctive. It can not be used on painted or plastered surfaces. - Mat exterior front coatings BAYRAMIX TERATEX, TERASON, BAYTERA, RULOMIX. Materials based on acrylic copolymer binder and emulsion. - ACRYLIC, SYNTHETIC, PLASTIC, SILICONE PAINTS. The whole range of colours. In addition to these products, we can offer you our high quality acrylic binder, BS-24 for water-based paints, plasters and etc. If you would like to assess the quality of our products, you can order a catalogue of products (free of charge) with applied materials , technical data sheets and full range of colors (more than 100 vivid colours) . We thank you for your kind interest and cooperation in advance. If you are interested in our products , we hope to receive your prompt reply soon. We are at your disposal for your any kind of request. Please do not hesitate to contact with us for further information. 

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Water Based Paints,Synthetic Paints,Ready Mineral Plasters, Binders,Paint Chemicals

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