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 Co-founder of Euribrid Guus van den Eijnden, a corn breeder selling hybrid corn, approached Wim Hendrix in 1951 with the intention of trying to interest him in supporting his idea of producing hybrid chickens. There was a huge resentment of the prospect of hybrid chickens following WW2 when Europe had a fresh memory of the idea of a superior race of people through selective breeding. The cooperatives also warned that the introduction of the U.S. breeding methods would create a dependency on U.S. technology. The hybrid chickens would be a potential danger to their own poultry races and existing Dutch breeders. But it became a matter of time, not a question of if, when things would start to happen in Holland.  From the beginning Wim Hendrix knew he was definitely right to make his vision work in Holland. After the successful introduction of hybrid chickens Euribrid started in 1960 with a hybrid pig breeding program. In 1965 the Hypor was founded and three years later, based on extensive research and well prepared the first Hypor products were launched in three European countries. The Hypor pig is selected from four synthetic lines, also referred to as A, B, C and D. From there on Hypor gradually evolves into a truly global player.  

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