Physics Experts

M. A. Dabban

Department of Physics
University of Aden


M. A. Dabban working in Department of Physics from the Univeristy of Aden.

Research Interest

Materials Science, Solid State Physics, Materials Physics


  • Dabban MA, Abdelazim NM, Abd-Elnaiem AM, Mustafa S, Abdel-Rahim MA. Effect of Sn substitution for Se on dispersive optical constants of amorphous Se–Te–Sn thin films. Materials Research Innovations. 2017 May 5:1-9.

  • Abdel-Latif AY, Kotb HM, Hafiz MM, Dabban MA. Influence of heat treatment on the structural, optical and electrical properties of Cd 20 Sn 10 Se 70 thin films. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing. 2015 Feb 28;30:502-12.

  • Hafiz MM, Kotb HM, Dabban MA, Abdel-latif AY. Optical properties of Cd 20 Se 80− x M x (M: Zn, In, and Sn) thin film alloys. Optics & Laser Technology. 2013 Jul 31;49:188-95.

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