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Donatus Dube

Applied Chemistry
National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe


Donatus Dube is a Chairperson in the department of Applied Chemistry in the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe.

Research Interest

Nanotechnology application in water purification; Water pollution testing and remediation.


  • Patent: Dube D and C T Parekh “A method of manufacture of ceramic-magnetite granules for water treatment”: Patent No. 21/2010, 2011, Zimbabwe.

  • Donatus Dube, Champklal Parekh, Shepherd Siangwata and Makhosazana Nyathi “Developing and testing rudimentary nanotechnology water filter s for rural communities in Zimbabwe”, 6th ICAT Conference proceedings 25-29 November 2014

  • Phanankosi Moyo, Mahluli Moyo, Donatus Dube, & Oswell Rusinga “Biofuel Policy as a Key Driver for Sustainable Development in the Biofuel Sector: The Missing Ingredient in Zimbabwe’s Biofuel Pursuit” Modern Applied Science; Vol. 8, No. 1; 2014

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