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Hilton Ndagurwa

Forest Resouces & Wildlife Management
National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe


Hilton Ndagurwa is a Lecturer in the department of Forest Resouces & Wildlife Management in the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe.

Research Interest

Plant Ecology; Aquatic ecology; Animal Ecology; Plant-Soil interactions


  • Muvengwi J, Ndagurwa HGT & Nyenda T (2015) Enhanced soil nutrient concentrations beneath-canopy of savanna trees infected by mistletoes in a southern African savanna. Journal of Arid Environments 116: 25–28

  • Muvengwi J & Ndagurwa HGT (2015) Soil seed bank dynamics and fertility on a seasonal wetland invaded by Lantana camara in a savanna ecosystem. South African Journal of Botany 100: 190–194

  • Muvengwi J, Mbiba M, Ndagurwa HGT & Kabvuratsiye N (2016) Pulsing hydrology and topography determine the structure and spatial distribution of Cubitermes mounds in a savanna ecosystem. Catena 145: 99–106

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