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Hlengisizwe Ncube

Research Fellow
Forest Resouces & Wildlife Management
National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe


Hlengisizwe Ncube is a Research Fellow in the department of Forest Resouces & Wildlife Management in the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe.

Research Interest

EU-DREAM Project, Hwange & Binga Districts. Conservation networks in Human-dominated landscapes: Restoring a meta-population of Loxodonta africana. The project explores the potential for population genetics and GIS techniques to delineate wildlife conservation networks to promote human-wildlife co-existence, even in human dominated landscapes; CNRS-HERD Plains zebra study, Hwange National Park. Individual plains zebra life histories generated have so far revealed the reproductive endocrinology, the reproductive rates, and the demographic consequences of living under heavy predation. Currently explored, are the effects of social instability in the harem forming species, as we investigate the limitations of medium-size herbivores in savannah ecosystems. Research Awards: European Union-DREAM Project (2015-2017); CIRAD & French Embassy Grant Ecol#2 (2009-2012).


  • Barnier, F., Grange, S., Ganswindt, A., Ncube, H., and Duncan, P. Deriving reproductive rates of mammals from individually-based data: a study of a wild population of plains zebra. Acta Oecologica (2012) 42: 11-15.

  • Grange, S., Barnier, F., Duncan, P., Gaillard, J-M., Valeix, M., Ncube, H., Périquet, S. and Fritz, H. Demography of the plains zebra Equus quagga under heavy predation. Population Ecology (2015) 57: 201-214.

  • Ndiweni, T., Zisadza-Gandiwa, P., Ncube, H., Mashapa, C. and Gandiwa, E. Vigilance behavior and population density of common large herbivores in a southern African savanna. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences (2015) 25(3): 876-883.

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