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Josephine Tityiwe

Applied Physics
National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe


Josephine Tityiwe is a Lecturer in the department of Applied Physics in the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe.

Research Interest

Role development by Zimbabwean radiographers into image interpretation, Doppler ultrasound, Diabetes and the lower limb arterial system, Peripheral artery disease. PhD thesis: An Ultrasound based protocol for Peripheral Artery Disease assessment of the Low risk diabetic lower limb in Zimbabwe. Supervised by: Dr Gillian Crofts, College of Health Sciences, Salford, University UK.


  • Tityiwe. J1., Crofts, G2., Comfort, P3., Azangwe, G3., Patana, M4., Kufa, T5., Gandanhamo, D6., Gwini, R7 and Kadumbo, U., N8., (2017), Duplex Ultrasound Assessment of arterial Disease in the lower limbs of Zimbabwean Diabetic Patients, (Ongoing PhD Thesis) Submitted for presentation at UKRC, June/July 2017 Manchester, UK

  • Tityiwe, J1., and Crofts2, G.,(2015) (An Ultrasound Based Protocol for Vascular Assessment of the Diabetic Lower Limb in Zimbabwe, [PDF]UKRC2015 - Posters.pdf -

  • Tityiwe, J1., and Crofts2., G., (2012), A review of the impact of radiographers’ role in radiographic interpretation, ISRRT Newsletter,

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