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Robert Mwase

Forest Resouces & Wildlife Management
National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe


Robert Mwase is a Lecturer in the department of Forest Resouces & Wildlife Management in the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe.

Research Interest

Woodland dynamics and human impact on indigenous woodlands; Impact of wildlife on vegetation in game parks; Non-timber forest product harvesting and its impacts; seed viability and nursery perfomance studies; Pest management problems especially in Pines and Eucalypts; improvement of commercial forestry operations; Forest fire prevention, control and management research.


  • Mwase, R. (2004). An Analysis of a Miombo Fuelwood collection area: Case study of Christmas Pass woodlands, Mutare. Unpublished MSc thesis. University of Zimbabwe. Harare.

  • Mwase, R., Ndowora, M., and Sellers, J. (1999). Understanding Science for Zimbabwe Book 4. John Murray Publishers Ltd. ISBN 0719571545

  • Mwase, R. (1983). Sedimentation and Erosion in the Prince Edward Dam Catchment Area. Chitungwiza. Unpublished BSc Thesis. University of Zimbabwe. Harare.

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