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Tafireyi Nemaura

Applied Mathematics
National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe


Tafireyi Nemaura is a Lecturer in the department of Applied Chemistry in the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe.

Research Interest



  • Nemaura T, Dhoro M, Nhachi C, Kadzirange G, Chonzi P and Masimirembwa C. Evaluation of the prevalence, progression and severity of common adverse reactions (lipodystrophy, CNS, peripheral neuropathy, and hypersensitivity reactions) associated with anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and anti-tuberculosis treatment in outpatients in Zimbabwe. (Journal of AIDS and Clinical Research, April 2013.)

  • Nemaura T. Insilco estimation of oral bioavailability: Implications to estimation of Efavirenz PK parameters. (PAGE (Population Approach Group Europe) conference, Alicante Spain, Poster presentation, 10-13 June 2014).

  • Nemaura T. Projections of Pharmacokinetic parameter estimates of Efavirenz from middose plasma concentrations, a novel approach. (Submitted June 2014, under review and has been accepted subject to minor corrections)

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