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Thembekile Ncube

Applied Biology and Biochemistry`
National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe


Thembekile Ncube is a Lecturer in the department of Applied Biology and Biochemistry in the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe.

Research Interest

Bioethanol production from lignocellulosic materials; Cellulases and hemicellulases for breakdown of lignocellulosics ; Yeasts for bioethanol production; Bioremediation and biomining technologies.


  • Ncube, T., Howard, R. L., Abotsi, E. K., Jansen van Rensburg, E. L. and Ncube, I. 2012. Jatropha carcus seed cake as a substrate for production of xylanase and cellulase by Aspergillus niger FGSCA 733 in solid state fermentation. Industrial Crops and Products 37: 118-123

  • Siwela, A. H., Matsaure, F., Ncube, T., Olonitola, O. S. and Best, G. R. 2007. A comparison of resistance in microorganisms isolated from chicken and ostrich faeces in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences 1 (2) 158-164.

  • Mangena, T. and Muyima, N. Y. O. 1999.Comparative evaluation of the antimicrobial activities of Artemisia afra, Pteronia incana and Rosmarinus officinalis on selected bacteria and yeast strains. Letters in Applied Microbiology 28: 291-96

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